Tulsa Vision Insurance

One of the best-kept secrets in the world of small business employee benefits planning is VISION INSURANCE!

Using the word “insurance” for covering eye care and related expenses may be a misnomer…..you’re not really trying to cover a big risk here.

But, vision insurance is a really popular employee benefit and is INEXPENSIVE as well! And a great bargain for eyeglass and contact lens wearers.

Most vision insurance is put in place on a “voluntary” basis. This is where the employer may pay only one-half or even none of the premium, and employees must pay a portion or all of the premium with their own money.

This allows employees who don’t need vision coverage…if they or their dependents don’t wear glasses or contact lenses….to opt out. Why have vision coverage if you are 20/20?

But take someone like myself, Bob McNett, president of The McNett Agency, headquartered in Tulsa since 1982 and licensed to market and service employee benefits plan, including vision insurance, from all major providers.

I wear contact lens. I have three children that wear contact lens, and have glasses as a backup. My wife is the only one that can see straight (as she sometimes reminds me.)

I pay just a $10 copay for each of us for a vision exam / check-up each year, with our optometrist, who is on the provider network and we have used for years. I pay a $25 copay for each order of gas permeable (what I wear) or disposable (all my kids wear) contact lens. I pay $25 for eyeglass frames, and $25 for eyeglass lens.

And your kids won’t make a face when they see the eyeglass frames available. My 17-year old daughter was able to find very “stylish” frames at the major eyeglasses chain we shopped at, where ALL the frames were available for our $25 copay!

And my premium is around $18 per month for my entire family. If I was buying insurance for myself only, it would cost around $8 per month.

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