Tulsa Small Business Health Insurance

Employee benefits are a key to attracting and retaining good employees.

So how can a small business compete with the large employer in offering group medical, dental, vision, life and disability packages to their employees?

You CAN, as a small business, put together a benefits package that can rival anything the “big boys” can offer.

Most of the major health insurance providers offer small-business plans that are state-of-the-art, and compare favorably with anything that large employers offer, both in benefits and premiums.

The idea that the small employer cannot be competitive with the large employer is just no longer true.

The base of any health plan is the medical insurance program, and this is also the most expensive component.

However, today’s small business plans allow an employer to offer various levels of benefits to employees. For example, you can offer a base plan to employees that consists of more basic, lower-premium coverage. Then, an employee can “buy up,” using his or her own money, to a higher-benefit and higher-premium option if they want to. This concept is used by the “big boys,” and is also available to small businesses.

Also, a small employer can add relatively low-cost benefits such as group dental, vision, life and disability insurance, either employer or employee paid.

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