Group Health Insurance Oklahoma

Group health insurance Oklahoma—a dynamic and competitive market.

In more than a few states in this country, if you are an employer looking for an employer-sponsored, group health insurance program, you have only one insurance company to select from.

Usually, if a state does suffer from this lack of competition, the market has been cornered by a “Blues” plan (Blue Cross / Blue Shield.)

Every health insurance company negotiates with doctors and hospitals as to how much they will reimburse a medical provider for various treatments and procedures when that provider treats one of their insureds.

What can happen is that, over time, the local “Blues” plan gets more and more control on the insurance market, and is able to negotiate very large discounts with medical providers.

When another insurer comes into the state, they find that they are unable to negotiate contracts with local providers that give the same deep discounts that the “Blues” plan is getting. As a result, an insurer trying to enter the market in such a state is unable to offer premiums that are competitive with the “Blues” plan. Thus, the local Blue Cross / Blue Shield company tightens their control of the state-wide health insurance market.

We are lucky in Oklahoma to have a vibrant, competitive health insurance market. We have strong insurers such as United Healthcare, Aetna and Communitycare that are very active in the Oklahoma market, and are competitive premium-wise with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. While the number of insurance companies involved in the health insurance market is far lower than, say, twenty years ago, Oklahoma is not at all dominated by one carrier.

For most products and services, including health insurance, a marketplace with a number of active competitors makes for better innovation and service for the public.

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