Tulsa Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance programs are the second most desired benefit among employees, second only to group health insurance.

Because dental insurance is a relatively inexpensive benefit, with premiums typically in the $30 to $40 range for monthly employee premiums, dental insurance adds a lot of “bang for the buck” when paired with group medical, vision, life and disability insurance plans.

Studies show that good dental hygiene results in better overall personal health, and lower absenteeism and better on-the-job performance. Who can perform well at work with a tooth ache?

Dental insurance plans, these days, are very comprehensive, covering everything from cleanings, check-ups and x-rays every 6 months with no out-of-pocket cost, to fillings, root canals, extractions, caps, crowns, bridgework and dentures. You can add orthodontic benefits to even a small business to help with the cost of braces for children.

The McNett Agency, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1982, is contracted with several good dental insurance providers including Delta Dental, Met Life and Guardian.

We can help you set up a good dental insurance plan, along with group health, vision, life and disability insurance for businesses of all sizes. Plus, we take care of all claims problems, benefit questions, billing issues and other service issues throughout the year.

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