Tulsa Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits…Group health…dental…vision…disability and life insurance.

Large companies have big Human Resources (HR) departments whose personnel are educated and trained in these complicated areas.

But, you are a small business person with just 5 employees. You know your own business inside and out. You know nothing about employee benefits.

Where do you turn for help if you want to provide a good employee benefits package to attract and retain good employees?

The McNett Agency has been headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1982. We are licensed to market and service group employee benefits programs from all major providers, including Blue Cross / Blue Shield, United Healthcare, CommunityCare, Aetna, Coventry Health, Delta Dental and others.

The McNett Agency, a Tulsa Health Insurance and Tulsa Medicare insurance Broker,  can assist you in putting together a package that will be competitive both in benefits and price with any large employer program. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses.

Plus, and perhaps more importantly, you are not left out in the cold once the plan is in force.

The McNett Agency’s experienced personnel work with you to take care of any claims problems, billing issues and other service needs throughout the year.

Call us with all your group health insurance questions in Tulsa at (918) 615-6096 or toll free at 918-615-6096.