Tulsa Health Insurance Broker

What You Should Expect From Your Tulsa Health Insurance Broker…

If you are the owner of a small to medium sized business, chances are you know your own business inside and out.

But you depend on advisors for guidance in areas that you are not an expert in.

You depend on your CPA or other tax person for guidance in areas of tax and financial planning.

You trust your attorney to handle any legal matters as they come up.

You should partner with an experienced, responsive employee benefits / health insurance broker to advise you and guide you regarding health, life, disability, dental and vision insurance planning.

Your broker should be familiar with the employee benefits marketplace in your particular geographic area.

Which health insurance companies currently offer the most competitive premiums?

Are there some health insurance providers that should be avoided, because they are difficult to work with, regardless of their pricing?

Which HMO and PPO doctor / hospital networks offer the medical providers that your employees need access to?

One extremely important factor is: What happens when an employee or covered dependent has a claims problem? What happens when you have a billing question? Who does your employee call when he or she needs information about their coverage?

SERVICE is a key aspect that you should check on before hiring a broker. ASK FOR A LIST OF AT LEAST 20 OF THE BROKER’S CURRENT BUSINESS CLIENTS THAT YOU CAN CALL AS REFERRALS.

When you call these referrals, specifically ask about how responsive the broker’s office is when that business has had problems with their various benefits plans.

Hire a broker who specializes in employee benefits. This market is extremely complex, and an insurance agency whose main market is car, auto and business property and casualty insurance is likely not well-versed in the various complexities of health insurance and related areas, especially with the advent of the Affordable Care Act.

The McNett Agency, headquartered in Tulsa since 1982, specializes in the employee benefits market. We are licensed to market and service programs from all major providers, including Blue Cross / Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, CommunityCare, Coventry Health, Delta Dental and others.

We assist our clients in selecting and installing employee benefits plans most suitable to their needs.

We also act as our clients’ point-of-service for all claims problems, billing questions and other service issues throughout the year.

Call The McNett Agency at (918) 615-6096 in Tulsa, or toll free at 918-615-6096 with all your group health insurance and Tulsa Medicare insurance questions.