Health Insurance Oklahoma

Health insurance in Oklahoma has really changed in the last year or so.

Before January 1, 2014, if you applied for individual or small group health insurance in Oklahoma you had to complete a health questionnaire on an application. Then, an “underwriter” that worked for the insurance company would review this information.

For individual insurance, the underwriter could decline to offer you coverage if you had a history of medical problems. He also might issue a policy with a “rider,” which would exclude coverage for a certain medical condition, such as your back.

For small group insurance, the underwriter could issue a premium from a “standard” rate to a “max load” rate, up to 67% higher than a standard rate, based on the overall health of the group to be insured.

Both individual and group health had pre-existing condition waiting periods built into the policies. No coverage was offered for pre-existing medical conditions for the first year of coverage.

The Affordable Care Act, passed into law in 2010 and made fully effective in 2014, has changed the entire health insurance marketplace.

For individual and group health insurance, no longer do you have to complete an application with a health questionnaire. Ongoing or histories of medical conditions no longer have any effect on premiums. Coverage cannot be declined, ridered or loaded based on health.

No pre-existing condition waiting periods can be issued, so all health conditions are covered immediately, even those that the insured had been diagnosed with prior to the coverage taking effect.

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